Memory, Mood, Muscle.

Re-Balance Recharge and Recovery is a masterful blend of the world's best, all natural super anti-oxidants, adaptogens and other clinically studied plant extracts designed to give us the power we need to maximize our mental and physical energy.

The New Era Ingredients for Body Defense and Care

Recharge and Recovery was formulated with superior, powerful, and quality ingredients to provide specific nutritional support that may not be readily available or is missing from our regular diets.

It contains a whole spectrum of Herbal Extracts – Ayurvedic Antioxidants, Adaptogens and Nootropic compounds to help nerve and muscle rejuvenation. All nutrients are in proper, scientifically based amounts, and blended in a liquid form for easy absorption.

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What Our Customers Have to Say?

The very first day I started the Re-Balance, Recharge and Recovery, I noticed a change in my energy levels, stamina, and the ability to mentally process everything on my plate for the day. After a few days of putting this pure nutrition into my body, I realized I hadn’t even thought about drinking my daily second cup of coffee, because I was already aware and ready to take what was next.

There is no other product on the market that is like Recharge and Recovery, I will confidently recommend this to anyone needing greater lifestyle balance, better energy, recovery from positive or negative stress, or simply to ramp up the full nutrition Body Balance and OsteoProCare offers. Carolyn S. ; Elizabethtown, PA

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